How to know if a girl likes you

Sometimes it might not be easy to know what a girl is thinking. You might ask yourself many questions like: does she like you? Does she take you as a friend or as a lover? Has she acknowledged your presence? It is, therefore, essential to comprehend her words and actions. I have selected the best secrets that may assist you in decoding her. It will help you uncover her feelings toward you.
The following are ways to help you decode her:

When she makes eye contact and is nervous

One thing is actual body language will always communicate a lot. If she likes you, her body language will not keep the secret that she likes you. If she wants you, she will act differently with you. If she is confident, she will focus on you, or she can be nervous. One way to know she likes you is through her body language is when she maintains eye contact. At other times she can maintain eye contact and looks away a few times. She will also be smiling and laughing while she is around you. Another obvious way is that you will notice that she will be playing with her hair or fingers. Other apparent ways are when she blushes and gazes at you when you sit or lie in bed.

When texting you, she uses a lot of emojis to express herself

Most people who text love using emojis, but if someone likes you, there will use a lot of emojis. If you take your time and be keen when she texts you if you notice she uses a lot of emojis, she likes you. Although it may be because she likes emojis, look for other signs.

If she laughs at all your jokes

If you crack a joke and she laughs, it means a lot. When you are with her, and you crack a joke, always try and check her reaction. Even when texting her and she has a positive response and uses a lot of laughing emojis, she likes you. Making her laugh makes ever even want you more.

When she openly tells you she is single

If she tells you she is single, please pay attention. It may be a sign from her to you to ask her out. If a girl is not interested in you, she will lie about her relationship status. She may not come out strongly about this, so it is up to you to listen to whatever she says at times.

If she mimics your actions

If a girl is interested in you, she will sometimes mirror your expressions and gestures. She is interested in you if she mimics your everyday words and gestures. It may come by nodding your head or even raising your eyebrows.



To know if a girl likes you may be difficult, but if you check several things, you may quickly see if she likes you. It may be if she always makes eye contact or any other sign. Just be keen on what she does when she is around you.

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