How to love

Love is a feeling that most people aspire to experience at least once in their lifetime. Unfortunately, it does not always turn out as envisioned. For many individuals, love is a beautiful sensation that makes the world colourful. However, love is more than that. Since some people do not grasp this fact, they tend to do it incorrectly. No one formula prescribes how to love someone, but there is a right and wrong way to approach it. So, how do you love? A satisfying relationship takes work, and below are some things you can do to ensure your partner is getting the best of you.

Learn the Best Way to Communicate

As obvious as communication in a relationship might be, not everyone gives it the seriousness it deserves. Yes, you need to learn to express yourself, but how. Good communication is honest. Regardless of the situation, always choose to tell the truth. Lies, in whatever form, can harm your relationship. So, stick to honesty. However, learn to time your communication. For example, a truth that could hurt your significant other if told in the present circumstances is better off waiting. Communication is also about expressing your love. You may hear the phrase ‘love language’ when people talk about how they want to be treated. Communicate your love language to your partner and know theirs as well. Effective communication is about showing as much as it is about telling. Therefore, learn to act out your love.

Practice Accountability

As long as you and your partner are human, mistakes will happen. Loving someone means accepting the good with the bad. If you do not know how to acknowledge mistakes, the relationship will face conflicts all the time. Accountability is a big part of loving another individual. When you are in the wrong, accept it and make amends. Encourage your partner to do the same. Be ready to hold your better half responsible when they make mistakes. Accountability demands humility because admitting to wrongdoing is not always easy. As you teach yourself about accountability, get comfortable apologising when necessary.


Accept That People Change

If you intend your relationship to last as long as it can, acknowledge that people do not stay the same. Over time, experiences shape an individual. The mistakes you make, the lessons you pick up and the hurt you endure along the way influence how you love and receive love. Remember that the person you are at the beginning of a relationship is not the same one two years later. The same goes for your partner. For this reason, do not expect the dynamics to stay the same. Accepting that you are loving a different person allows you to show your feelings in the right way. Strive to keep up with your partner through different experiences so that you can pinpoint the changes. Do not get angry with the person your significant other is becoming; rather, try to understand.

Learning to love is a process you must be willing to work on consistently. Love does not mean the same thing to everyone, and you should know what it is for the other person to show it to them in the best way possible.

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