The Origin and Explanations Behind Palm reading

Palm reading, and astrology in general, are ways human beings seek to understand the world around them. They believe in understanding various human aspects by observing the markings on one’s hand. The common areas under focus are health, marriage, cognitive ability, financial power and emotions. In this article, we will explain its genesis, how to read palms and its significance to our social lives.

Origin Of Palm Reading

The practice, also known as palmistry, originated in ancient India. According to Saucedo, an author and practising palm reader, the practice also was prevalent in China and Egypt between 4000 and 1000 BC. It has grown to incorporate science, currently referred to as astrology.

It is basically a reflection on human life and an attempt to explain several social and physical aspects. Philosophers use metaphysics to decipher these beliefs, arguing that every human factor has a back story. Currently, several ideas explain astrology and its importance to human cognitive ability.

The Art of Palm Reading

Choosing the Hand

There is an astrological belief that women are born with their right hand, but their left hand is what grows over time. It is the opposite for men. However, the palm reader usually picks your dominant hand for the test.

Understanding the Lines on the Hand

1. Heart Line.
The heart line is the first one, just below the fingers. It shows your susceptibility to love. Wherever it starts, at the middle of the hand or the end, shows your love life. The longer it is, the higher your chance of falling and staying in love.

2. Head Line
It is the second, just below the heart line. Astrologist likens it to knowledge and intellectualism. The longer and thicker it is from either side of the hand denotes creativity and forward thinking.

3. Life Line
The life line is the arc that forms a curve around your thumb. Palmistries associate it with health; physical, emotive and general well-being. The arc varies in explanations, although some result from hospitalization. However, the general interpretation is related to resilience; the further it is from the thumb, the more optimistic and real you are in life.

4. Fate Line
It is the line that crosses the palm up-down. Astrologists believe that it is the mark of destiny. A continuous life from top to bottom depicts a fate-controlled future, while two or more lines subject the person to changes in destiny based on circumstances.

5. Marriage Line
This is the smallest line on the hand, just below the little finger. It shows your fate in sexual relationships and marriage. The more they are, the more your relationships and marriages. Also, the longer it is, the longer your marriage or relationship will be.


Hands and Fingers

Hand shapes and finger length also form part of the palm reading exercise. A short hand with thick fingers is considered an earth hand, while a long one with thin fingers is a water hand.

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