How to shave your public hair

Shaving your pubic hair: Step by step guide


Do you want to know the best method for removing pubic hair? You won’t need much time or effort to master the technique. Keep reading for information on how to remove your pubic hair.

Trim your pubes

Cutting pubic hair is an easy task. Select the cutting instrument that best suits your needs and get to work. Trimming is a basic but essential step in attaining the desired shave.

Trim the hair short before you cut, as razors can only catch shorter hair. Your blades could become clogged and unusable if you do not.

Pick the proper equipment

Select the appropriate scissors as your first step. The best tools are sharp scissors or clippers. Another option is to utilize an electric hair trimmer, which achieves its cutting action by passing one blade over and over another, which remains stationary. You can set the blade to the desired cut length using an electric hair trimmer.

Soak in a hot tub or shower

Although it may seem unnecessary, a hot shower is ideal for softening pubes before shaving. If you can’t find the time for a shower, moisten a washcloth with hot water and use that instead. Hold it over your privates for a couple of minutes. Taking the time for a warm bath with oils will further soothe the skin.

Shave your pubic area

1. Picking the right razor blade

While any razor should do the job, it’s important to consider where you’ll be shaving. If you have delicate skin in your pubic region, it’s best to use a razor made for that purpose. Find one with blades that are particularly suited for vulnerable places; the brand is less important.

2. Be sure to use shaving cream

If you have very sensitive skin, it’s best to use an unscented, high-foaming variant. Similar to how you would select a razor on your face, you would select a foam, cream, or gel formulated for use on pubic hair or sensitive skin.

3. Ensure you’re moving in the right direction as you shave

Shaving the pubic area in the proper direction might be helpful. As well as moving slowly, it would help if you headed in the direction that your hair is growing. Just shave in an upward motion if your hair is standing on end. The risk of getting a cut, scrape, or razor burn diminishes if you do this. The side-to-side motion will also help your skin adjust to the razor.

4. Skin stretching may be necessary

Skin that has been stretched becomes flatter, improving the razor’s chances of cutting smoothly. Using your free hand, maintain a taut layer of skin directly above the shaved region. Moving your hand closer to the skin as you shave would be best.

5. Be mindful of the freshly shaved area

Now that you’ve shaved, you look much better. You have razor burn and pimples now, however. So, how can you remove the pubic razor bumps? Care after a shave is just as crucial as the actual shave itself.



How you shave your pubic and perineal area can make or break your experience. It’s all about the equipment and method when it comes to shaving pubic hair, from the foam to the shaver to the direction of the shave.

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  1. Sofergirl says:

    As long as you keep your pubic area clean, you should be fine. It’s your choice to shave or not. Just be smart about it.

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