How to get a job fast with no experience

The greatest paradox in the job market is that you need experience to find employment, but you cannot get work without experience. Trying to get a decent position when you lack the relevant experience in that field can be challenging, as many jobseekers realise. Whether you have just completed your higher education and searching for your first job, or are looking to make a career change, you will find out that most available positions require experience. As difficult as the situation might seem, do not despair. You can do a few things to improve your chances of getting a job.

Go for Entry-Level Positions

You can find entry-level jobs that do not require a lot of experience. Some employers are willing to recruit workers who are new to the profession. The pay for such a position might be low, but you get the opportunity to improve your skills. Regardless of your educational and academic achievements, be ready to work for little money. By applying yourself, you can work your way up from the lowest positions. Consider an entry-level job as a way to fill your CV and get you closer to your dream.

Sell Yourself

Do not be shy about marketing yourself when applying for jobs. Without the relevant experience, you have to show potential employers why you are the right fit for a particular position. Include whatever job you had in the past, paid or not, in your application. If you worked part-time at a fast-food joint, tutored other students or worked in a call centre, talk about it. Highlight the skills you acquired from a previous job that could be useful in the position you desire. If you wrote for a blog, for example, your CV can include details of how you learned content marketing to drive traffic to websites.

Gain Some Experience

Even as you apply for the various positions that interest you, work on your experience. Internships and volunteer work are the best when it comes to creating the relevant experience before sending that application. Even the few months you spend carrying out tasks that sharpen your competencies are invaluable. Be careful about how you choose to gain experience. Do not volunteer for the sake of it. Find opportunities that boost your marketability. An IT graduate, for instance, can volunteer to teach computer classes to children. Taking free online courses in related fields is also useful in improving your potential as an employee.


Capitalise on the Interview

So, you created a killer CV and wrote a cover letter that captivated a recruiter or hiring manager, leading to an interview. Put all effort into impressing the interview panel. Since you have no experience to showcase what you are capable of, use the opportunity provided to explain why you are a good investment for the company. Prepare adequately for the interview. Think of the best way to respond to various questions. You can do this by looking at the job description. The point is to convince the interviewer that you are confident about handling the responsibilities if given the chance. Engage the interviewer by asking questions and conveying your interest in the job without appearing desperate.

The frustration of finding a job without any experience can be draining, but do not give up. Instead, learn the different ways you can approach the job-seeking process and make yourself a desirable candidate.

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