7 texts to tell a girl she’s beautiful

Do you want to tell a girl that she is beautiful over text but cannot find the right words to make her feel good? We have crafted seven texts that can make her blush. Remember, if you two are just talking, keep the conversation playful but light. However, if you are dating, you can go risqué or romantic. Our texts will go both ways.

Straight-up Complement

“I know this is totally cliché, but you are the most gorgeous girl I have ever met. I just can’t get over it.”
“Sometimes I just sit and stare at your photo. You are so damn beautiful that it drives me crazy.”

Get a Little Formal

“Seeing you each day instantly makes my day. You are so beautiful that I cannot find words to explain it.”
“You have a perfect face and body. I cannot hide my feelings about it any longer; you are stunningly beautiful and awesome.”

Pair a Beauty Text with a Complement

“Your sense of style complements your already perfect body and cute face.”
“You are beautiful, for sure. Your assertiveness and eloquence complete the already perfect picture.”

Focus on Some Specific Features

“Your choice of hair dye colours is so cool. You are cute as you are, but the hairstyles make you superb.”
“I have fallen in love with your voice. I cannot wait to see your beautiful face and talk with you for hours.”

Add Humour if You Joke with Her

“When you are seated next to me, I cannot take my eyes off your beautiful face. When you look my way, I play it cool by looking away quickly.”
“You would be trending on a list of the top ten hottest women in the world today. I am lucky to see your face regularly.”
“James Blunt had nothing on you when he sang his girl the ‘Beautiful’ song. You are so cute!”

If You’re Dating, Get a Little Dirty

“I cannot help but hallucinate about the great moments we would have if your beautiful body were lying next to me tonight. You are so gorgeous that you drive me crazy.”
“I would die for a moment to have you pin me against the wall for a long, passionate kiss. This is how I have been feeling since I set my eyes on you.”
“Nothing can beat that sexy body and the warm hug that I get every time that we meet. I am the luckiest man in the universe!”

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Compliment One of Her Insecurities

“I have been checking our last photo together multiple times a day. Your smile is so cute. I cannot help but smile back.” (If she is conscious of her teeth)
“Wow! That floral dress was just mind-blowing! You were so beautiful that I had to steal glances at the corner of my eyes every once in a while.” (if she keeps complaining about her clothes).

Note: If you go this route, avoid complimenting her weight or body size if she is insecure about it. No compliment will boost her feelings about it. She may get more self-conscious instead.

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