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Whether you are dating or married, it is ideal for your vision as a couple, to be aligned. Consequently, it is common to have similar individual goals. As such, your goals as a couple will also have an identical element to them. This being the case, it is habitual to set resolutions as a couple periodically, especially when a new year kicks off.

These resolutions can be dependent on the previous year’s goals. They can be a continuation of what has not been completed in the previous year or a start to what you failed to begin altogether. If you are just getting started on setting goals, you may be conflicted as to how to go about it. Luckily, we are here to share a few tips for goal-setting for couples

How to Set New Year Couple Goals

1. Create a list individually

Even though you are a team, you each have your individual lives. You have your personal goals and aspirations which you wish to accomplish at least by the end of the year. List down whatever you want to achieve, however small or negligible you assume it is.

2. Share your list with your partner

You can plan to share your lists and discuss your individual goals over a romantic date at a restaurant or over a picnic at the park. This creates an atmosphere of freedom, therefore enhancing openness. Exchanging your lists offers a great opportunity to understand your partner better. When discussing each party’s goals, you need to embrace whatever is on the list without any judgment. In case of any concerns, you can bring up a discussion about it.

3. Consolidate your lists

Having gone through each party’s list, it is likely that you both have some goals in common. You can therefore create a list that encompasses these similar goals. However, this does not imply that you do away with the rest of the goals that do not bear similarity. They are equally important, only that they are specific to only one party, which is alright. With the consolidated list, you can be each other’s accountability partner given that you are both working towards the same achievement.


Importance of Setting New Year Couple Resolutions

It increases the chances of achieving goals. Since you have an accountability partner, you are guaranteed to have someone constantly asking you about your progress, pushing you, and encouraging you when you are about to give up. In turn, this makes it easier to follow through with your goals.

It enhances communication between partners and strengthens the relationship. Sharing goals requires a high degree of trust since some resolutions are very private. This calls for some bit of vulnerability and when individuals share this, the bond they have is strengthened.

It creates a sense of fulfillment. It is exciting when you share goals as a couple and follow through with them till the end. As you celebrate the achievement, it comes with satisfaction and validation of your abilities individually and as a team.

As you set your new year couple resolutions, ensure that the goals cover all aspects of your lives. These areas include your personal, social, physical, financial, spiritual, and professional lives.

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