How to ask a boy out

The perfect guide for asking a boy out

In the past, only males could make romantic overtures to females. However, in today’s society, women are not expected to passively await a man’s romantic advances. Asking a guy out is easy if you do your homework, act confident, and play to his interests. Below are some tips you can use to bag the guy you want.

1. Pose the question, “What’s the worst that could happen?”

If he is a decent human being, the absolute worst that could occur is that he will politely decline. Think about this as you prepare to ask them out on a date. In the event this happens, keeping this in mind will enable you to endure it.

2. You need to ask him out at the correct time and place

It would help if you took advantage of a low-stakes, low-stress situation to ask him out. You can find him wherever he typically hangs out, be it the cafeteria, the water fountain, the soccer field after training, or anyplace else. Find a quiet spot and a moment when he’ll be at ease, then approach him.

3. Put some distance between yourself and them

You needn’t be fully alone, but it’s best to ask in a setting where you can maintain some degree of anonymity for both of you. A guy will likely not give you an honest answer if their friends surround them, so asking in private can be the best way to gather the information you can trust.

Try not to come off as creepy

A few of the things a stalker might do include making repeated calls and then hanging up, waiting silently beside his locker each morning, and asking others concerning him regularly.

If you like someone, you should give them some room

Keep your distance from him, whether physically or virtually, observing him. Following his every action becomes unhealthy, but a little investigating never hurts anyone.
The timing and location must be convenient for both parties. While a text at 1:30 a.m. can get his attention, an invitation after theatre practice might be more appropriate.

Set a time and place to meet up

You can ask this guy out with much more assurance if you ask him to do something specific. It relieves the pressure of thinking of something to do on the exact date. Make it a traditional date with ideas like:
• Dinner can be eaten out, delivered, or prepared at home.
• Movie, concerts, museums, conferences, hikes, baseball games, or whatever you both like doing.
Find something that will spark your date’s interest just the right amount. Sometimes you will wonder if the two of you have anything in common or if you would even enjoy the things he enjoys. Determine his interests and give those a shot. This is a terrific method to demonstrate your willingness to experiment on his behalf and learn more about his tastes.



The most important thing to consider when asking a boy out is how you will feel regardless of his response. Putting your own well-being and emotional needs first is okay and encouraged.

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