How to play scrabble

Scrabble is a board game made of lettered square tiles in which players can build up the letters to form words. You can play the game with friends and family or practice against the computer to build your expertise. The game’s goal is to earn the highest score by the end of the game.

Know the rules and strategies

To win a scrabble game, you must know how to navigate the game’s rules. You have to strategize how you will use “high value” letters to get maximum points. Letters such as “Q “and “Z” are worth 10 points each. You can also place your letters on premium squares that offer triple-letter and triple-word bonuses. Combining high-value letters and premium squares will assure you of a win at scrabble. Here are some of the tips you should keep in mind.

When starting a game of scrabble, you should know that the first word you play earns you a double-word bonus.
When making a word, you can build off another person’s word for your word to be valid.
Words on a scrabble board are only spelt horizontally and vertically. You cannot spell words diagonally.
Once you have completed your turn, you should replace your tiles with the same number used from the available tiles. You should always have seven tiles on your rack unless you have more tiles to pick.
The game ends when all players don’t have any more tiles to place on the board.

How to set up the game

To play scrabble, you must know how to set up the game. Game preparation is important in playing a game of scrabble, and you should adequately prepare everyone before starting the game.

You should ensure all tiles are available before starting the game. Give everyone a pen and paper before starting the game because it’s important to keep track of your points progress. Shake up all the tiles in the bag before randomly picking them. Ensure each player has seven tiles on their rack, and each tile is randomly picked from the pile. You could exchange tiles if you don’t agree with your picks; if you do that during the game, it means you have forfeited your turn.

You should agree on the dictionary to use during the game. There are some words that others will play that you may find invalid because while playing the game, you can challenge a player if you think the words are invalid. Once you challenge you can use your point of reference to validate your claim. You can use the official word checker for Scrabble if you don’t settle on a dictionary. Know words that are off-limit, such as proper nouns, abbreviations, prefixes or suffixes, hyphenated words, and incomplete words.


Final Thoughts

Once you grasp the basic rules, you can now focus on enjoying the game and getting as many points as possible. There are advanced options in the game which you can all decide after you have learnt the basics of playing Scrabble.

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