How to sign a cool signature

A good-looking signature can be highly beneficial. Adding value to a document and using it as a brand and identity awareness are among the important aspects of having an elegant signature. However, creating a unique signature can be difficult. But the good thing is you can follow a few steps to have a well-developed signature for personal or professional use. The steps are as follows:

Think about Your Signature

Take time to think about the type of signature you need. Do you need to convey strength, straightforwardness or sophistication? A complex signature could convey sophistication, while a simple and easy-to-read signature might suggest that you are strong, straightforward or honest. It’s also worth mentioning that a complex signature is deemed as hard to forge; therefore, it is essential to incorporate some complexity as you think of creating one.

Choose from Your Name the Letters You Want to Include

Each letter serves a different purpose aesthetically. This is why you should also meticulously choose the letters you’ll use in creating your signature. Some letters that stand out are the tall ones, such as ‘Y’ and ‘T’. Other letters you can use are those, when capitalized, can bring out a unique presence, and they include ‘R’, ‘J’ or ‘G’. Use paper and a pen to experiment with different letters to find the more appealing ones.

Decide on which Sections of Your Name to Incorporate

Some people consider signing their full name, while others sign their last or first name. Others only use the initials. If all your names are long, consider using initials. On the other hand, you may find that most people know you by a particular name. If you’re this type of person, the best signature to choose is from that common name.

Test with Different Styles

Once you’ve settled on what you want to include in your signature, it’s time to think about the style. Play with as many styles as possible to explore the possibilities. It is recommended that you use a pencil which will be easier to erase when the need arises. From the different styles, now choose what feels comfortable and easy to write and which seems to go well with your name.

Select Your Best Signature

Perhaps you have selected a few signature variations that are easy to write. But you have to settle for only one style. From the few variations you’re left with, select the one that you feel is the best. You also have the option to modify or develop your favourite signature a little further.

Practice the New Signature

When you’ve finally decided on the best signature, the next step is to practice writing it until it feels natural. The key feature of a quality signature is consistency. You must be able to reproduce almost the same signature whenever you’re signing any document. A consistent signature helps to identify a person and is not likely to arouse suspicion if it matches the records.



Writing a cool signature doesn’t just happen. You must be able to follow several steps until you settle for the best signature. When you decide how you want the signature to look, practice writing as often as possible until you’re perfect. The above steps are the ultimate guide on how to create an elegant signature.

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